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Thread: miný primal journal june 11th 2012

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    miný primal journal june 11th 2012

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    Hello. I am starting my 21 days after reading the book . It is my intention to post here what I eat and my choices to be primal. I have been a zoner for some years and, before the first grat period when I lost 7/8kg, I am back to the same weight.
    Please feel free to give advice. And thanks...

    Breakfast: 7.30 am
    4 white eggs in omelette
    60 grams banana
    some almonds
    I know, i know I should eat the whole egg, but I still have this eggwhites to go.

    Lunch: 1.30 pm I was moderately hungry

    zucchini 600gr.
    salmon 100gr.
    olive oil

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    snack: i got hungry and I had some almonds
    Dinner: 2 whole eggs fried
    lattuce 1 big head dressed in olive oil

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    Welcome. I hope primal goes well for you.
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    Thanks Hedonist2.
    I am starting day 2, now I am right after breakfast:

    3 glasses of water
    eggwhite 170 gr
    blueberries 200gr.
    espreso coffee with a little milk

    Day 1 went really well! I was not hungry.

    yesterday's workout: 7km walking at a pace of 110beats.

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    Day 3.
    I feel good. Yesterday I couldn't finish posting my diary.

    Breakfast day 3: 2 whole eggs and half a banana
    6 almonds

    Workout of the day: heavy weight lift routine as suggested in the book

    Lunch at 1.30 pm

    salmon ( around 120grams)
    green beans 200gr. and mushrooms
    olive oil

    Snack almonds

    Early dinner as I go to work

    roasted turkey 120 grams
    olive oil

    I am wondering if I am eating enough of the nutrients. I didn't understand the intake I should respect.

    thanks to any who wants to reply

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    day 4

    breakfast 210 gr. eggwhite
    berries 200 gr.
    olive oli to make the omelette


    sea bass 200 gr.
    swiss chard 300grams
    olive oil


    chicken 250 gr.
    swiss hard 300 gr
    watermelon 200 gr.
    olive oil in the chicken

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