I've been plagued with restless legs, especially my knees. Just as I start to go to sleep, my knee muscles will jump and wake me. Magnesium maleate helped. I just bought the one that looked right at the health food co-op. I took it before bed. Though it seemed to work best with 5htp and aspirin, so who knows which it was or was it the combo? Then I ran out of the mag and the jumping knee returned. But I had read in the NYTimes that pickle juice was actually proven to work for leg cramps so I would swig a little of that and it would calm down.

Last night for my 4 th of July supper I had (organic!) hot dogs. Rather than a bun I had potato chips and pickles. They were homemade( not by me) okra pickles. They were so good I ate a quarter of the pint jar. No problems at all with the knee, slept like a puppy.

Can pickles be considered a supplement? Rather, a necessary food. Can they even be paleo? Anyway, I am not giving them up, and may make sure I have them at night for dinner or snack. I'll see if they continue to help me sleep.

Most of my life I have considered supplements to be expensive and not needed. When I was injured and run down in April, I asked around, and people were astonished I didn't take anything. So I took their suggestions and got vitamin c, b-12, a multi, magnesium. No vit D; I am outside every day. Had cod liver oil, a good quality one. I forget to take it most of the time. I do eat salmon, sardines, mackerel and pickled herring. Now that I am healthy again, my diet is organic, paleo, grass-fed, home raised, I forget to take the supplements, and may not replenish them. They are so expensive. As one of you said earlier, I feel it is more important to spend the money on good quality food. Which is often very expensive!!