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Thread: Doubt training frequency

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    Exclamation Doubt training frequency

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    Hello, I have almost 15 years and have trained 6 times per week as follows: Monday, shoulder and legs + HIIT Tuesday: biceps and back Wednesday: chest and triceps Thursday: shoulders and legs + HIIT Friday: biceps and back, abdominals Saturday: chest and triceps Training can either hinder my muscle growth?
    I think following division Monday: Legs and shoulders + HIIT Wednesday: Biceps and back Friday: chest and triceps, abs.

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    Go with negative muscles.
    chest and back
    legs shoulders
    Thats 4-5 days if you choose to do both HIIT you can also change the last HIIT for a 5k run, which is short but always nice to just switch it up and get some endurance. You need more rest in your routine. Also, dont waste time on abs. Abs dont need a specific day. If you really want, do planks in between sets. eg: 3 sets of bench press and 3 sets of rows. bench-plank-row-bench-plank-row-bench-plank-row then go on to your next set of chest/back. do planks if you feel like it.

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