Hi, PB noob here with a question about nutrition.

How long does it take before one develops a nutrient deficiency? and even more, how long will it take before that deficiency manifests as an external issue?.

I've been eating according to the PB for 2 whole weeks now, but before that I was eating following Tim Ferriss 4hb (3 more weeks). So I've been low-carb for more than 5 weeks now. Previously I ate "healthy" (I mean that as in the book, not as in CW) except with a dose of bad carbs (I didn't know better). But I like my veggies, I don't shun my fats and I definitely enjoy my meat.

The last 6 days though I've suffered from migraines and the occasional fever (like in at least once a day). I don't know if I am eating too much protein or not enough of a specific type of veggie or what.

Because of what I've described above, I don't think it's the low carb flu, in fact I seriously doubt its a deficiency (I might just be sick and thats all), but I would like everyone's input.