I have a question for all of you, especially anyone who has experience with any sort of eating disorder. I had a brief stint during a chaotic time in my life where I would starve myself, eating maybe one meal and one snack over a two or three day period, because I felt empowered to know that when I felt those hunger pangs I could choose to ignore them. In a time where the rest of my life was out of control (parents separating, me being shuffled around between friends and relatives houses all summer, etc etc), it felt good to feel hungry and ignore it.

Now I'm going primal, and I know now that it's okay and good for your body to skip breakfast if you're not hungry, and do some IF (especially as I'm trying to lose weight). I'm just worried a little that IFing will morph into the same sort of thing as before. Does anyone have advice on how to distinguish healthy IF vs. unhealthy deprivation, or maybe some guidelines (eat at least xxx per day/wk), or a way that YOU eat only what you need and avoid compulsive eating, yet don't slip into undereating? I just really want this to be a healthy and positive experience for me. I can go a full day and only eat one meal and just ignore the times that I'm hungry - I wasn't doing that before switching, but since I'm only a week into primal I wonder if it's less about being a fat burning beast and more about enjoying the control and all that.

Any tips and experiences would be awesome! Thanks!