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Thread: Gluten?

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    I'm Gluten intolerant.

    If a food is Gluten free, does that make it Primal? Thanks

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    No! Just look at all the gluten free chips and crap they try to market to unsuspecting folks. Don't fall into the trap.
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    Coke is gluten free.
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    I tried doing it the "gluten free" way for a very short time. It seems everyone that tries it ends up gaining weight, and for me, I got a migraine every time. I'm not sure what the exact trigger was, but they're definitely not healthy anyway.

    If you're looking for gluten substitutes, I wouldn't bother with them. Shoot for veggies as carriers of those awesome Primal dips, or different kinds of lettuce leaves to wrap around meat like bread.

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    No. All Primal food is gluten-free, but not all gluten-free food is Primal.

    Primal cuts out all grains, period - gluten-free just cuts out all wheat types, barley, rye and sometimes oats.

    Primal cuts out all legumes, period - gluten-free still eats them in all traditional ways, and now uses bean flours in baked goods and deep-fry batters, too

    Primal cuts out non-food crap, period - gluten-free doesn't address issues like diet soda pop

    Primal cuts out concentrated / isolated sugars, period - gluten-free allows all of them, unless you happen to run across wheat-glucose syrup or barley malt syrup, or powdered sugar cut with wheat starch

    Primal cuts out all seed oils - gluten-free allows all of them, excepting wheat-germ-oil

    See what I mean? You are going to have to eventually decide which side of the GF / Primal fence to fall into... obviously, if you are asking here on the MDA, you know what our answer will be...

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    Definitely not. I have celiacs. I was gluten and dairy free for about a year before I discovered primal, I actually gained weight. The "gluten-free" bread, pasta, pizza etc substitutes are often worse for you because they're very calorie dense and super high carb.

    Primal is gluten free, however, so just follow that and gluten is no longer an issue anyway.
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    pretty much the only "processed" foods i eat are butter and coconut milk.

    just give up the junk.
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    It is primal if by gluten free you mean grass fed beef, bison, wild fish and tonnes of healthy veg...all gluten free and all tasty.

    Primal is about eating real, nutrient dense foods and avoiding poisons. If you have not read the book you should at least read the New to Primal posts.
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    "Oh yeah, I avoid gluten because it's bad for me. Last weekend I made this wonderful gluten-free cake, and sometimes I even make gluten-free pancakes. They're DELICIOUS!"

    People who talk like this make me facepalm all day.

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