I posted this thread back in November about my health issues that stem from my sleep problems, and I have finally managed to save up enough for a sleep study since finding a job and trying out different adrenal aids a few months ago. This is coming from a skinny-ass, 60KG, 5'11" guy who has tried all kinds of sleep tips and has found small improvements. Since that thread, my sinuses have improved somewhat and I feel less run-down overall, thankfully, but I'm still not getting the high-quality sleep I need to be truly well again.

I just wanted to task any sleep apnea sufferers here a couple of questions about their diagnosis:

1. Are home sleep studies reliable? Finding a sleep lab is too costly at the moment.

2. I'm planning to order the study from this site, which states that having a BMI under 45 warrants the more expensive Multi-Channel Respiratory Study. Why can't I have the Finger Pulse Oximetry Test instead? I find it odd because from my knowledge, weight doesn't effect the outcome of the test. That could just be my ignorance, though.