So, there's this company called Lightlife, which makes vegetarian hot dogs, sausages and meats. This is the ingredients list for their hot dogs: soy protein isolate, wheat gluten, evaporated cane juice and and a bunch of junk. Let's see...the first ingredient is soy....terrific....the second ingredient is wheat, not wheat flour....wheat gluten....of all the things they could do, they isolated the worst part of wheat and stuffed it into this thing...then, sugar, some "natural" spices and a bunch of other junk.

This is basically the ingredient list of every single one of their products. Could you literally find 3 worse ingredients to start off an ingredient list?

Even worse, I browse around other vegeterian meats and I see the same ingredients reacurring: soy protein isolate, soybean oil and wheat gluten. Of course it's smashed with sugar or something like sugar as well. Do people really eat these things thinking they're doing themselves a favor?