So, I'm leaving for Ireland for two weeks on Wednesday. Now, my dad is from Ireland so we visit fairly frequently, but this will be my first time there since going Paleo. The food there is, well, not very Paleo. Nana's brown bread, battered fish and chips, apple tarts, full Irish breakfasts... I love the stuff. But I am determined to try and stay as close to primal as I possibly can.

It would have been fairly easy if we were going to do what we usually do and stay at my Nana's house, since I'd have access to a kitchen and a large grocery store within walking distance. However, my grandmother is 94 and it's understandably tough on her to have five people staying with her for two weeks, so we're camping out at a hotel this time. This means we will be eating out almost all the time.

Breakfast should be fairly easy: eggs and rashers. Maybe some sausages, although they're likely highly processed so that'd be cheating a little. Other meals will be harder. I've never had to try to special order anything at a restaurant over there, so I don't know how they'd take to that. It's not usually that much of a problem here in the US, but we've got a totally different food culture.

Should worse come to worse, I may just not be eating a whole lot. I cheated last night and ate pasta and cake after my brother's high school graduation, and I started feeling pretty yucky... lots of gas, and I slept for hours that afternoon. I don't want to ruin my trip with symptoms like that. At the same time, I don't want to load up on salad (which would be the easiest solution, since salad is pretty universal), because then I'd be eating mostly carbs. Would it kill my metabolism if I skimped a little bit on the food for two weeks?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!