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    If you're doing SS, what does the book say?

    Heavier weights will require more recovery; you'll need more rest between deadlift sets than power cleans. Between warmup sets, just enough time to load the bar. If you hit your target on set 1, and miss 1 rep on set 2, you're not resting long enough. If you're not consistently adding weight to the bar at this stage, you're not eating enough.

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    It really is down to personal recovery abilities, and your goals, as others stated. If you are doing sets for reps in the higher range (up to 20) then 2-3 minutes is a decent guideline. Strength training as oppossed to aiming for max muscle growth means low sets and more rest. Higher reps should see you resting less, but it is down to your body and how well you recover between sets.

    But as you keep going you should try to reduce the amount of rest to create a deeper inroad if the goal is muscle gain.

    But hey, go for 1 set of 20 reps using rest pause training and you won't need to worry about rest between sets, 1 set will see you wiped out anyway

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