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    Advice on fat for cooking eggs

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    Hi, I'm one of those weird people who hates the taste of butter. I also don't like the taste of coconut oil with eggs or veggies. Does anyone have any suggestions for a fat that doesn't have a strong taste to cook eggs in? I used to use Canola spray oil, but now can't stand the idea of putting that in my body at all. I'm not all that keen on using teflon pans either. Is an expeller pressed vegetable oil OK to use sometimes? I remember reading something somewhere by Mark where he said that was OK in moderation. Thank you!!!!

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    How about lard or bacon fat?

    And have you tried clarified butter? While I like normal butter, I do not appreciate the smell of milk in it (I have always hated milk although I eat some fermented milk products). Consequently, clarified butter is a huge improvement for me.

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    I've used pork belly grease, duck fat, and whatever remains I collected from the meat I cooked before the eggs.
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    I go for lard or tallow, or occasionally a bit of butter in the pan, too, if I'm low on either of the others.

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    My new favorite fat is rendered duck fat from whole foods!

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    You're not weird Mahligirl. I feel exactly the same. There is something about the mildness of butter + the mildness of eggs that tastes horrible. Its an unholy alliance!
    But yea, go with bacon fat. I've noticed that olive oil actually seems pretty alright also .. Although i'm not sure olive oil is good to cook with. Could anybody clarify that?

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    Olive oil is fine, but don't waste your extra virgin for cooking. I'd stay away from most vegetable oils myself, too high a risk of soybean oil or claims that it's expeller pressed when it's not. I tend to use bacon grease, sausage grease, beef drippings, or, twisted as I am, I love ghee with garlic red wine vinegar to cook my eggs.
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    You could just boil them. Boil a huge batch that could last a week or just use a non stick frying pan that doesn't require oil.

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    You could use olive oil. It's not a big deal as long as you don't get it too hot, and the heat requirement to fry eggs is pretty low.

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    Ghee (indian clarified butter) works for me. It doesn't taste anything like regular butter.

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