I have been reading this forum, blog and links to many papers. Seems like there is a growing consensus that high LDL-C is not the bad actor that CW says it is. But, I am not sure if there is a growing consensus on the real cause:

1. Is it LDL-P? Some say it is the total number of LDL particles. The higher concentration of particles means more particles hitting the arterial inner wall.

2. Is it LDL particle size? Some say plaque increases when the LDL particle size is such that it just fits into the arterial wall openings where it gets stuck and degrades. Also, LDL receptors preferentially receive a certain particle size making other sizes stay in the blood longer allowing them to oxidatively degrade.

3. Is it high refined carb diet causing inflammatory damage which triggers the immune system to deposit plaque.

4. Is it too many free radicals causing excessive oxidative degradation with the degradation by-products forming plaque?

Or, is it some combination of the above?

In any event, it seems like no one knows for sure what causes plaque and what we can do to prevent it.

What do you folks believe is true?