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Thread: Shrinkage?

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    it all shrinks? I get the physiology of testicles shrinking, just not the rest.

    requires experimentation!

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    the penis is delicate too. if the clitoris hung out like a penis and someone was aiming a kick to it i'd hope it would retract too
    yeah you are

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    I went to a nude beach and at the beginning I was hanging all long and loose and I was like aww yeah but then the ocean breeze got chilly and I shrank a bit and I was like awww no so I tried imagining sexy things but my semi was just weird-looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Owly View Post
    Sperm are highly temperature sensitive (which is also why the testicles are external--they need to be a little cooler than the internal body temp), so men's bits tend to droop or shrink up as the temperature changes in order to more effectively produce swimmers. Don't think many dudes want to try it, but icing your balls is supposed to lower sperm count so you're not as likely to produce unplanned Groklings.

    So does sitting in a hot tub, which is infinitely more comfortable and even down right relaxing!

    But yes, you've got muscles in your scrotum to allow it to pull your testes closer when more warmth is called for, or to hang out in the breeze when they need to cool off.

    I suspect the penis, since it is so vascular, shrinks due to decreased blood flow in cold temperatures (just think of how much your fingers can shrink in the cold, and they have fewer blood vessels - I know my rings always fal right off when it gets too chilly) . . . . different method than the scrotum uses, but same results . . . and for similar reasons, don't want you twig and berries to get frost bite, now do we?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    that would be awesome. i think we'd have far fewer people in the world today if both men and women had on/off switches. though i don't know what that has to do with protecting balls.
    Well what one of the other posters wrote was that it is all about keeping the sperm at the right temperature, to maximize reproductive success.

    Just another example of our genes still living in our paleo past but our minds living in the twilight zone future.

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