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Thread: Coconut oil in plastic containers?

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    Coconut oil in plastic containers?

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    Jarrow formula's coconut oil seems pretty good, but it also comes in a plastic container, is it all that bad?, could it be BPA free?

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    While I try to avoid food packaged in plastic, or to eat food from plastic, or to cook on non-stick coatings etc. I think if you are making the effort to limit exposure as much as possible, you will already be doing a good thing for your body. So the odd thing still stored in plastic might be hard to totally get rid of. If you are still concerned you can always take it out of the container it comes in and move it to a glass jar - just remember to keep it in a dark place.

    And even if plastic is bpa free there are still other chemicals that are required to make plastic products.
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    Don't worry, its made out of HDPE, it doesn't have BPA, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have estrogenic activity. When I buy coconut oil, I immediately switch it over to glass!

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    So what really matters is the time the product spends in a plastic container?
    I mean, the leaking of stuff.., it takes time so as long as we try and move it to "safer" container, we should be alright, right?

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