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    On a serious note, my guestimate would be that possibly your basal metabolic rate is slowing down. This could be hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue....possibly brought on by not enough calories, overexertion, or too much mental stress.

    My other guess would be to try a short binge period if maybe your body simply thinks it is preparing for a long time without much food. I would label this leptin, but I don't want to narrow it to just that. Maybe this will restock your reserves and make you energized again. If you do binge, make sure they are very pleasurable foods so that you feel very, very satisfied.

    Oh, a third suggestion is to see what is up with those electrolytes. You need balance. I believe a low carb diet flushes them faster too, but don't quote me on that. Low electrolytes can make your arms/legs feel tingly and dead.

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    Just eat carbs. Unless you are morbidly obese.

    If all you are eating are leafy veggies and a half cup of berries, you are VLC. Add in a sweet potato or a regular potato or a banana or more fruit.

    And its pretty rare that people lose 20lbs a month, and if they are they are usually men with a lot to lose or people just starting and flushing out water weight.

    If you want good energy and weight loss and don't have a lot to lose, you just need to be patient and think in terms of a pound or two a week which won't be an even loss and just get to a way of eating you can maintain for the rest of your life. Tweaking things to a miserable diet to maximize fat loss is just going to end up with you abandoning the program.

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    Hi LauriP, this may seem like nonsense but I find this happens to me sometimes when I've been less active than normal, for example a quiet week at work. The whole 'not having anything to get up for' if you get me? Other times I've reacted to the weather, i.e. if it's a rainy week after a few weeks of sun. I tend to combat it with a dose of exercise or sport, seems to do the trick!
    Hope this is helpful!
    Perky x

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    All of these are great ideas to check. I do eat a considerable amount of butter and coconut oil, but find my eating tends to slow down (day 1 - I'm starving, day 2 - I'm hungry, day 3, I'm satisfied with 1 large meal, day 4 - I never want to see food of any kind again, day 5 and 6 - surprise! I'm fatigued, day 7 - force myself to eat and day 8 is day 1 all over again). I realized this only after looking back over the past couple of weeks.

    Yes, it got disgustingly hot here this month and I'm not a work-out-in-the-heat type. It has definitely affected me and I find that the old I get, the slower I am to acclimate to a Texas summer.

    I'm going with the too low carbs, heat, need to eat more calories on some days and the assumption that the very slow weight loss is normal. I made and ate sweet potato fries with our fish last night and even had some mango and a bit of chocolate. That was my high carb day. I'll do it again later in the week.

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