I'd prefer people not post if they're just going to be dicks and tell me to "man up" or whatever. But then, if someone's a dick they'll post anyway so . . .

I am a huge sugar junkie. I have such a problem with it. I went primal over a year ago. I don't know why it worked so well but in addition to cutting the grains (which, ironically, was no problem for me) I went months (2 or 3, not sure) without sugar. I thought I was doing great, I thought I was over it. So I said ok, just a treat for some holiday or party. Moderation, blah blah. Within a week I was back to full on sugar binging. Still grain free, but eating sugar. Lots of it.

When I eat sugar it's entire bags of hershey kisses or huge bowls of ice cream, multiple times a day. I'm not talking a cookie here or there. I am sick of people telling me to just "eat in moderation". I feel like an alcoholic. I just can't do it.

I had an abusive childhood and even though I've worked through a lot of issues from that, I think that kind of stress during your formative years screws you up. So either I still have emotional problems or it physically changed me.

I've tried again and again and couldn't go more than a few days til last week. What spurred me this time is my 13 year old telling me I ate too much sugar and it wasn't healthy to buy ice cream four days in a row. And she's right of course.

And this last week has been ok. I've been addressing it more as a mental exercise this time. Yes, I'm eating more protein and taking a few supplements but for the most part, I'm talking myself down regularly.

I decided that it *is* like I'm an alcoholic in some ways. Not to be dramatic and yes, being an alcoholic is much more serious, but it's still helped me to think this way.

Whenever I think I'll pick up at bag of kisses and start again tomorrow, I think how that's like an alcoholic saying he'll just have one last bender. And every time I think I'll just have one taste of something, I think how that's like an alcoholic saying they'll have one beer and stop and really the one beer will lead to a fifth of vodka (my one taste will lead to a bag of kisses and a carton of ice cream).

And sometimes I find myself thinking that I'll eat when I get home from an errand. That thought has become my cue to eat NOW. I know from years of experience that going out even the slightest bit hungry leads to Coke and chocolate bars.

And I've been doing ok til yesterday. 10 days sugar free. And yesterday I found myself in such a crappy mood. It's not fair. Even on this site people are able to have a sugary treat for a birthday or whatever and go back. The whole 80% thing. Hell, even Sisson has sugar in his coffee every single day.

I'm feeling so resentful that I can't do that. And pissed off. And wondering what's the point?

Anyway, I'd appreciate any other sugar junkies (reformed or still struggling) giving me a little support. Tell me it's worth it, tell me I'll eventually feel and actually be healthier. Lie to me if you have to, lol!