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Thread: Pregnancy and ketones

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    Quote Originally Posted by onalark View Post
    Meh. If so, I don't buy it. 50 grams is for a full grown adult.

    ... I would feel a little sorry for any ladies just starting primal and instantly getting pregnant, though. I think it's a benefit to have done this for a year before setting up shop as a human incubator.

    I agree. I was primal for a few months and got pregnant... Dove off the wagon without a second glance. I did stay gluten free - but ate all sorts of garbage replacement junk food. I wish I had stayed primal, but I was weak. Now I have to shed the baby weight (I gained 60 pounds!). I would have had so much more control if I had been primal for a long time prior to conceiving - I am making it my goal to stay primal through my second, though that is a few years down the road still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onalark View Post
    Hi, where do you get this number from? Just curious.

    From Mark's Daily Apple Carbohydrate curve (<50 = ketosis/major weight loss, 50-100=weight loss, 100-150=weight maintenance, 150+ = weight gain).

    Pregnancy is not a time to try to lose weight, and it IS a time when your body needs extra nutrition as it is using extra calories . I classify pregnant/nursing women in the 'marathon runner' category b/c of how much more energy and fuel we need. There is a need to gain some weight while pregnant (not a crazy amount) and the way to do that is to eat more carbohydrates in addition to health ratios of fat and protein in the diet.

    In my own experience once I drop below 150g/day then I stop gaining weight and when I make sure to be 150-200g/day then I gain appropriately (which means .5-1lb/week for the 3rd trimester of pregnancy when baby is gaining most of its weight too).

    A twin pregnancy is seriously taxing on a woman's body and requires even more energy from food sources which is why I said 200g/day for a twin pg.
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