Hi everyone! My name is Amber, and I am a US student studying abroad in Germany. I am really excited to start this new lifestyle (which I have attempted before, but never really stuck to) because I have seen my energy level drop when I eat carbohydrates, as well as acne and body pains flare up for the same reason. Since I have been in Germany, I have been eating so much bread, pastries, and potatoes (it is a way of life over here!). I am now 21 and close to graduating, and it just feels like the precise moment in my life when I should start developing permanent good habits!

My goals are to drop excess fat from my body (about 40 pounds over a period of time), become more athletic (I am very interested in beginning running and capoeira!), and generally just having a better sense of self confidence and a kinder self-image (I, like many, have struggled with diets and my weight since a very young age).

Just wanted to say it is great to be making this commitment and I hope to befriend some fellow Primal people here!