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Thread: Does anyone here eat EXCESS amounts of RED MEAT? page

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    Does anyone here eat EXCESS amounts of RED MEAT?

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    Just curious if anyone here eats red meat almost everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner and if so, any problems?

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    I go in spurts where I eat nothing but red meat for lunch and dinner - I usually fast for breakfast. Red meat makes me feel the best, so I eat it as much as possible. I've been doing this almost 2 years now and have had no problems.
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    I usually have some kind of red meat every day. It's worked out well so far.
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    No such thing as "Excess" red meat. Its a greatly nutritious food with its own built in satiety mechanisms. My meat is mostly 75/25 ....which leads to an awesome ratio of fat to protein. I will say a bit of variety (seafood) would do some good, but otherwise its all good. If you only ate cow, lamb, fish, and would not be hurting for chicken, pork, or any other "white" meat. In fact narrow that list down to just cow or lamb if your eating nose to worries.

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    I've never not felt good after eating irresponsible amounts of steak and ground beef. Can't say the same for pork or poultry.
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    I have half a cow in my freezer right now, so yes, I eat red meat at least once a day, sometimes twice since I usually eat leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day. I also have some venison on hand at the moment--yum! I feel great.
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    I probably qualify if you define "excessive" by what most people think excessive is.

    I eat around 2.2 lbs of beef a day in 1 meal (1 meal, dinner, is all I eat a day) . Mostly ribeye from New Zealand grassfed cows. I can't eat breakfast or lunch cos that beef keeps me full for around 24 hours.

    Problems? Maybe sometimes it's a bit hard to plan dinners with other people because of the amount of food I require, but it's mostly great cos I feel full satisfied all the time and can't get fat anymore (huge deal cos I was a lifelong fatty until I found out how to eat properly).

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    Excess red meat? Red meat is the healthiest food in the world for you. It's practically the only food that a human can eat as their entire diet and thrive on for a long period of time. Excess red meat? If you're eating 8 lbs. of lean red meat a day we may have a few issues, but generally you should have absolutely no worries.

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    I quarrel with the word "excess", too. By whose standards? I have been working on a 2.5lb chuck roast, a pound of beef liverwurst, a pound of beef liver, a pound of hamburger and a pound of ribeye over the past 7 days. I won't have all of that eaten by the end of the day, but almost all of it. I'm a 47-year-old 5'3" woman with a desk job. Is that an excessive amount of beef? Oh, and during this time I've eaten about half an onion, a pound of mushrooms, a stalk of broccoli, a carrot, some cilantro, a couple lettuce leaves and a few slices of bell pepper. CW is spinning in its grave.
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    I once got meat sweats from a mixed grill, that was pre primal, but even now I think I'd stuggle even if I hadn't eaten for 20 hours. It had lamb chop, pork chop, steak, chicken breast, gammon, black pudding, liver and a cumberland sausage ring, along with eggs, mushrooms, onion rings, chips, (or Fries ) griled tomato, and of course, the staple of all UK pub meals, some peas ;D

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