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Thread: What do you folks think?

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    What do you folks think?

    Since my wife works in "healthcare", and we get our insurance through her, I have to take a "health assessment" every year. I went Primal in February, so I was very excited to see if the results were as good on the inside. I got the blood test results back today with this years and last years numbers. Last year I was high carb, low fat. What do you guys think?

    Total cholesterol was 145 now 181

    HDL was 42 now 52

    Trig was 53 now 62

    LDL was 92 now 117

    Chol/HDL was 3.5 now 3.5

    Glucose was 78 now 71

    I have been flagged for high LDL and low glucose. This could potentially raise our insurance rates, Is there any reason to be worried? Triglycerides going up seems strange to me, I would have expected the opposite. Any comments are welcomed.

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    Your LDL is nothing to worry about. Take it from someone whose LDL was 232 last time it was measured.

    Separately, your HDL has increased, which is terrific.

    I have no idea about the glucose. But you know what? I seriously wouldn't worry. (My total cholesterol is a world higher than yours, and I'm not worrying.)

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    Wow. Co-inky dink. I just read this on wheat belly blog.

    I lost weight and my cholesterol . . . went up!

    I was thinking of having blood work done. I am thinking I should wait now.

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    If anything I would say seeing your cholesterol go up from those original stats could be interpreted as an improvement.

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