I ran into an old workmate the other day and spent 20 minutes or so telling him how I had changed my way of living using Primal/paleo. He is a very bright educated guy. I sent him several links to read/view and here is his response:

I've viewed a couple of the videos you sent me and glanced a little at some of the links. I need to review it more than I have. I have to say that I am a little skeptical regarding some of the info. I definitely believe that carbs as the typical American diet has evolved is definitely our enemy but I'm not convinced there is no room in our diet for them at all ( he means grains I believe). There are plenty of people living a healthy life style eating a diet as prescribed by nutritionists today. I believe the problem with the American diet is fast food in all of it's forms (McD's, prepaired meals etc). The number one killer in America today is heart disease which a high fat diet (and carbs) contributes to. So I'm going to read on but remain skeptical.

My family thinks I am crazy avoiding wheat products and the response is the same from other people I chat with also. I am not sure how these ideas regarding primal/paleo are ever going to get implemented on a larger scale. Kinda depressing as I watch my family and wife's family go from overweight to obese...they are massive carb ingesters. My sister died (age 56) from a blood clot in here lungs last year, she had become very obese eating her carbs. I tried repeatedly to get her to change her diet.