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    salty potato chips worked for me. i found some sweet-potato chips at the local grocery. normally i didn't eat such carby snacks, but i ate these to settle my tummy before a proper lunch/dinner during my 1st trimester. in the mornings, i made sweet potato hash.
    i was looking for something to soak up and absorb all the bad juices in my tummy while still being kinda salty, like crackers or bread would be.
    stay primal! you'll love yourself for it later! i lost all of my pregnancy weight in 2 weeks without even trying!

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    Sorry you feel awful, sweetie. I cooked four... and couldn't go into my own kitchen for 6 weeks at the beginning of each because of the "stench"... help came in the form of ginger, any way I could get it down (except commercial ginger ale - not real ginger), and mashed potatoes and gravy, and fresh air (open windows).

    I wasn't Primal then, but wasn't interested in bread anyway.

    I agree - if things get too desperate, please see the doc, okay?? Primal here and Primal there, when all else fails, avail yourself of help. That is what it is properly there for...

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    Not that it's helpful, but you know you're pregnant when you think "Oh my gosh, this pickle is AMAZING!!"
    also you suddenly start craving bread & butter after not having it for over a year, lol.
    --Trish (Bork)

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