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    Martial Arts

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    Anybody studying/doing martial arts? which one and why do you like it and would you recommend it to others?
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    I've been doing tae kwon do for 2.5 years. My husband and two sons also do TKD, and there are some classes we take as a family. (We'll all be testing for our black belts together in about 16 months!) I hugely enjoy it, and I consider it part of the "play" of TPB fitness. (Except for TKD tournament class, which is a little bit of hell.) I hugely enjoy doing forms, and there's something very empowering about breaking boards with my bare hands and feet. Of course, there's sparring, and all the kicking/punching drills we do to help us with our sparring. My husband and sons love that part of TKD; while I don't love it, I do like how I've gotten much stronger and faster. And, admittedly, I feel like a total badass.

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    I loved Krav Maga because it's raw and practical. I want to get into Systema because it's ... well, just watch some videos about it.
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    I've also been doing Taekwondo for the last 6 years. I had to lay off it for a year and a half after an injury but am now back at it hard.
    As with a lot of martial arts, most workouts are instense, but that can be the fun of it. Frankly at 50 I'm in better condition than I was 10 years ago and having fun doing it. When I started I was terrible at it but it reflected my overall condition. Now I can do full weight single leg squats, do more push ups than a lot of the teen agers, and energy levels are up overall. As with anything, you have to do it for the right reasons and enjoy it.
    As an aside, I would agree with Krav Maga being more raw and practical....personally I'd love to find a good school close to me and supplement what I'm doing.

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    Practiced tai chi for 10 years. Wanted to learn Baguazhang, but just couldn't get the circle walking down. Tried kung fu for awhile, but my brain couldn't wrap around learning tai chi forms AND kung fu at the same time. So I just stuck with tai chi, which by the way IS a martial art.

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    Been taking Krav Maga for about 7 months now. Really like it.

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    I've also been taking Taekwondo. It'll be 5 years coming up this Summer.

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    I've done martial arts off and on for years. Several years of Shaolin kung-fu and a few more of Tae Kwon Do. Unfortunately, I have to move every few years for my job so it is hard to progress too far these days.

    My method for picking an art these days is too find something interesting with a school that feels right. I've gotten past the point of caring how "practical" an art is. The truth is, 99% of us will never get into a fight anyway and in that remaining 1% of the time fighting back might just get you killed. It certainly doesn't hurt to know how to take care of yourself and it is great for your confidence, but I'd go with something you like, not whatever the martial arts flavor of the month is.

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    Jeet Kune Do, MMA, ECQC (some form of it), BJJ.
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    Kenpo for 26 years now. The key is to find a school or an instructor that you really like, style really isn't as much of a concern in my opinion. Besides, in 26 years I've had to use what I know exactly zero times.
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