Hey there... I've been a long time lurker around these parts. I started my primal journey in August 2011 - so I'm coming up on one year soon. The reason I've finally decided to "come out" in the community is because I need some support to survive being primal this summer while I'm away from home!

Here's the dealio. I've slowly shifted to primal over the last year and it's been rather seemless for me. I'm a major foodie and LOVE eating - especially FAT - bacon and butter!! Yum! Although I have dabbled - I have never fully trusted the whole "low fat" thing - if something like cheese or cream, that is SUPPOSED to be made of fat, is not made of fat... then what the heck is it made of?? Anyways - my point is primal just felt natural to me. I've always cooked from scratch for the most part - with a some breads and pasta cheats scattered around the place - I feel like all I really did was stop buying grains and shifted all my food porn surfing to primal/paleo blogs, and viola! I turned primal!

I live alone - so controlling my food is super easy. If it's not there to tempt me I don't eat it. THe 80/20 rule has served me quite well. My 20% is usually when I go out -I don't go out very often - so when I do, I eat whatever the hell I want. Living on my own this has been fine. However this summer I've been all over the place. My grandma is visiting from Poland so I've been spending a lot of time at my parents' house so that I can hang out with her. I've also been spending time at my boyfriend's parents' house. I haven't been on my own for almost a month - and under these circumstances my 20% has definitely been stretched a little too thin. As I said before I LOVE eating! Primal works for me because I hate calorie counting and love stuffing my face - primal allows me to do this. I've never really been overweight - so primal has slimmed me down and given me a pretty sweet beach body without sacrificing my love of putting yummy food in my belly- but now summer is almost here and I fear it could slip away!

So, yes, my motivation at this point is mainly VANITY. Although overall I love primal because I believe I can be healthy and enjoy food and life til the day I die - this journal is to help me keep on track and maintain, and even better, my beach body for the summer til I'm back to living on my own again. It would be such a shame to be primal for the better part of the year and then let it go at the time when you walk around half naked the most! I'm writing this in my bathing suit right now, seriously!

My biggest challenge is not succumbing to all the junk food that is available to me. My parents' house as well as my boyfriend's parents' house are not terrible - I can actually find a lot of primal things to eat (I also allow dairy which helps). It's just NOT eating the extra non-primal stuff that gets offerred to me all the time. I love to stuff my face, so this is hard. I haven't done as poorly as I thought I would over the last month. But I definitely need to dial it in.

So I've actually devised a plan on how to manage my eating away from home! Hopefully, someone was interested enough to read all of this and will support me as I try to put this plan in action for the next few weeks! It would also be great if this could become useful for other people trying to make primal work in less than ideal circumstances! More on the "plan" next time!

Thanks for reading!