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Thread: Brain Fog

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    Brain Fog

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    I am currently on the Alternate Day eating plan. I eat 24 hours on from 2pm to 2pm and then fast for 24 hours. The first week was pretty easy but now when I come off the fasting period I have headaches and annoying brain fog. Putting a straw in my son's juice box becomes a chore at this point. I ran into a professor from my college and could not remember his name. The fog fluctuates from minor to severe and usually is at its most severe in the last few hours. I also do consume caffeine on my "feast day" which is probably the cause of headaches on fast days due to caffeine withdrawl.

    On the plus side, I tend to have long stretches of clarity and calmness when fasting. I normally have a hard time with heat and humidity but fasting seems to increase my tolerance of high temperatures. Note: I have done this fasting before and found it helps weight loss and to improve lean body mass. Perhaps, I need to consume a small amount of calories to minimize this "brain fog" effect during fasting.

    I seek opinions from all, but am really most curious as to opinions of others who have tried this ADF approach.

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    Sometimes I will have a tablespoon of coconut oil during a fast if I start to have brain fog or feel shaky.
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    eat some food, you'll feel better.

    seriously, what's the point of fasting for a whole day regularly if you feel this way?

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