So I'm in a rather unique living situation where 10 of us share a massive house. On the plus side we have a well equipped kitchen, there's usually lots of meat (often including organic/grass-fed) and frozen veggies, and we maintain a decent-sized garden (a rarity in the city), that's already producing fresh herbs and some greens. Plus we're all meat eaters and there's a lot of great cooks. But....

Everyone is very much on the S.A.D. and in the week I've gone primal (somewhat under the radar as "just taking a break from refined grains/sugars", because my roommates aren't exactly the most supportive people) it's felt like I'm living in a really SAD restaurant. From daily baking... berry pie, raspberry/coconut cake, magic bars, blueberry cheesecake, lemon tart to just "standard" cooking... pasta, more pasta, corn casserole, rice dish after rice dish, cheese bread, pigs in a blanket, etc. Not that it was all bad, some burgers and chicken and great pasta sauce in the mix.

With the kitchen table being the main social hub of the house, I'm seriously struggling to 1) not be insanely tempted, and consequently grumpy, and 2) not utterly segregate from community food life. Just a week into Primal and I'm already getting to the point where I'm barely in the kitchen except to cook (even eating in our dining room, which isn't totally weird, but not typical) and I'm turning down 95% of the stuff that they make.

After looking through many "visiting relatives" threads there were some helpful hints, but this is more-so a non-stop situation. Any thoughts on combatting carb temptation when it's unavoidable and living with roommates that aren't supportive.