So, for quite a while I was typically under 50g of carbs a day. I felt good generally speaking. Lately Iíve been adding more fibrous veggies to my diet to bring up my daily nutrient intake. This began to push up my carb intake. Iíve noticed is varies quite a bit, anywhere from under 50g to around 90g of carbs.

Iíve noticed a change lately. I have days were my carbs are very low during the day (I fast from after dinner 6-6:30pm to 11am + my lunches are reasonably low carb) and I start to experience tiredness, headaches, and general depression/grumpiness. Yesterday was an extreme example. I felt like I was experiencing the low carb flu all over again. Later, when I got home and ate dinner I went off on a carb binge (nothing too badÖfruit, nuts, & coconut) which pushed me to about 250g of carbs for the day. I noticed I felt much better after the binge (headache, tiredness, & depression went away).

My theory is: Because Iíve upped my carbs, I more easily slip into the low carb flu when my carbs are low due to fasting or just not eating as many carbs. The logical solution seems to be either stick with >50g of carbs or stick with between 50 & 100g to prevent this from happening. Opinions are welcome.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?