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Thread: Road Bikes

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    And when you get the bike, or for even more bike expertise before you get the bike, come on over to www dot bikejournal dot com. It is a free spot for logging your miles. It is also a family friendly site where no profanity is allowed. I like that...

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    Has anyone had any experience using bikes direct dot com? I've noticed some good deals on the site and was wondering if it was too good to be true.

    Also, I'm looking at getting this bike (Road Bikes - 2012 Windsor Wellington1) to start out with. Any thoughts as to the quality?


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    I bought a cheap cro-moly Giant with Shimano groupset as my first 'racing' bike but progressed very quickly to building my dream bike. For that, I got the frame first, 6061 aluminum (keep in mind that there are several types of aluminum each with different characteristics), carbon forks, then bought the best groupset I could (ended up with Campag). My local bikeshop was a big help and put the whole thing together for me. That was over 10 years back and I'm sure technology has changed since, but one thing that made a big difference as I became more competitive was selecting 53/39 chainrings (and a 12-21 block) instead of the more common 52/42....and that bike is still going strong today

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    Craigslist is a good place to start for a used bike, you may get lucky. I bought the entry level Trek road bike 2 years ago for about $600, and it's been great for me.


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    I got my current bike for $150 off Craigslist and it was in very good shape. It's a quality Schwinn, too, not some crummy wal*mart junk. And the frame is sized appropriately for my 6'3" frame. So...finds like that are not super common, but they're not impossible. It's worth a look. I log 22 miles every day (11 to and from) I bike to work.

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