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Thread: need to do

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    need to do

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    hi everyone, 59 years old 5,9'' 185lb. Ran a marathon 30 years ago at age 29. sat behind a desk for 4 years and set the goal to do it before I was 30. Ran the Phila marathon 1982 3:20:22 154lbs. Well 30 years later 30 lbs more, I've got to do it again. Have started training but it is tough. Aches and pain in joints but toughest part is no consistent energy. recent change is off the beer and other carbonated stuff. drink coffee, water, gatorade.

    I got to do this, simple as that. Anything will help,first time on any forum. Been checking out Marks stuff for about the last year, have done the required reading but have NEVER eaten well. Anything--thanks Den

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    Primal is a great basis for doing a marathon. Ya gotta do the diet though, and the basic exercise program plus increasing distance at a moderate pace. Not running. Save that for twice weekly sprints.
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