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Thread: How can I make myself drink water?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_girl View Post
    Wow. Shouldn't you be concerned about that much magnesium in water?
    Well I was in a heat wave so I was drinking several litres of mineral water a day. I only bought the Slovenian water because the local supermarket had sold out of San Pellegrino! I drank about a litre of it one day and my bowels told me I was overdosing. I'd say it's a healthy cure for constipation.

    The extra magnesium seemed to help my energy levels tho - I didn't see the temperature outdoors fall below 28C during the last 6 days of the holiday, and it was 34-38 C throughout most of the day. I was walking at least 10 km each day sightseeing, so felt I should make extra effort to get plenty of electrolytes.

    I'm inclined to agree with Jack Kruse, that generally most of us can't get enough magnesium.
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    Hmmmm do we lose magnesium when we're sweating?

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