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Thread: hungry earlier

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    Question hungry earlier

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    Normally I can go through a 19+ hour fast with no problem but lately since I added coconut oil I've noticed I'm getting hungry earlier in the day like around noon as opposed to 3-4 in the afternoon. Does this mean my metabolism is speeding up? It's like real genuine hunger, not a blood sugar crash. It could be related to the season, I tend to be hungrier in the summer.

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    I'm probably asking stupidly here - but have you changed your eating in any other way than adding coconut oil?
    If you're genuinely hungry you should roll with it. Maybe its just a phase as you say. I occasionally find myself 'undereating' for half a week cause i just am not hungry then suddenly on goes the hunger switch and i 'overeat' abit the rest of the week. No clue what it is but i'd say its natural.

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    No rule says you need to fast for 19 hours. I'm not a fan of coconut oil myself, don't like the taste.

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