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Thread: Someone else on the anti-chronic cardio bandwagon...

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    Someone else on the anti-chronic cardio bandwagon...

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    Excess exercise 'hurts the heart' and cause dangerous long-term harm, say scientists | Mail Online

    Not that any of us didn't know this, but it's refreshing to see that there is a small and growing contingency of people examining the conventional wisdom of long-term cardio as something "acceptable" from a health standpoint.
    Peak weight on Standard American Diet: 316.8 lbs
    Initial Weight When Starting Primal: 275 lbs
    Current weight: 210.8 lbs
    Goal weight: 220 lbs (or less): MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

    The way "" should have looked:

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    From that link, there was this link:
    She's one hot mama! Mom-of-four Brooke Burke Charvet unveils lingerie line - and models it herself | Mail Online

    The 40-year-old Dancing With The Stars co-host...
    Her diet is rather strict also.
    'I drink a lot of water, I don't waste calories on sugar, juices and soda; I eat sushi, grilled meat or fish, vegetables, salad and a lot of clear soups,' she said. 'As a rule, I don't eat white flour, starches, sugar or bad fats but I'll do olive oil, avocado and almonds. And a glass of red wine most nights.'
    She added: 'It's really easy actually.'

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