Hi all, I'm JT and this is day #6 of going Primal, so figured it was time to join the forum, build some community and start a journal. You can find my short obligatory intro post here.

The Backstory: Weight - I was always a slightly chubby kid and then things got totally out of control around 14 when fueled by school pizza and inactivity I ballooned into the mid 200's. The next year I hit a growth spurt, found a new hyperactive outdoorsy best friend and went vegetarian. From 16-23 stayed mostly right around 200-220 on my large 6' frame. Not firm by any means (have never seen my abs), but decent shape and was always active (walked everywhere, inline skating, hiking, etc.). Then I moved to the burbs, got docile and was on a med with a pretty strong weight gain side effect that pushed me over 300 in less than 6 months. Since then I made it down to 270 a couple times (once while going vegan) but have maintained between 320-340 the last 3 years.

Diet/Health - Spent most of my teens and early 20's vegetarian with a couple bouts of veganism. But I've been back to eating meat for several years now. There have been a few "eat better, work out more" attempts in the last 3-4 years, including Men's Health TAP, Abs Diets or just general "clean" eating. I always felt better (including a decrease in IBS symptoms, which I've had since my teens) but nothing ever felt intuitive and sustainable. There were also multiple periods where I was experiencing pre-diabetic symptoms where I'd temporarily adjust before going back to junk. Struggle with indigestion, poor sleep and pretty sure I hit TFTB (too fat to breathe) a couple times during period of particular lethargy. The last couple years my diet has been pretty typical American I imagine, though probably with a few more veggies and a lot more snickers.

The Present/Motivation: Just turned 35 and I'd by lying if I said that wasn't a big motivator for me. On one side of my family, lots of obesity and almost everyone in the last two generations has had cancer. One uncle died at 34; another at 43. Other side has lots of heart disease. Biological father died at 52. I've always half-jokingly thought... well if I can just make it to 45, I'm doing better than most of the men in my family. Except now that's on the horizon and I'm at my heaviest of 340# with 40% BF and would really like to enjoy a healthy, active (and hopefully long) life, because being fat sucks! (I'll share my top-ten list of why another day.) Also, I tend to attract adventurous, active friends, and then can't or won't participate in 90% of the stuff they do, because at this weight it is simply prohibitive or absolutely no fun. So there is a social motivator as well.

Long-term Goals: Honestly, I just want to feel good and look good. With a lifestyle that is active, maintainable and illness-free. More specifically - 9% BF. Considering my build and LBM, I could see being 220-225 but solid. I'm 6' so...BMI be damned. I also want to do a half-ironman.

Short-term Goals: This first month my only goals are to transition to Primal and do something active daily. I'm not weighing myself or counting calories, I'm not tracking minutes or reps, the focus is purely on transitioning to a predominantly primal lifestyle and starting to form habits. After which I'll spend a week weighing in daily and tracking my calories, see where I need to adjust, and start setting new biweekly & quarterly goals.

My hope for MDA forum: To meet some really cool people, stay motivated, be accountable, get & give good advice, and make some new primal friends.