When I first went primal (2 years ago today!) my skin cleared up nicely. I got my first compliment on my skin! With having PCOS, and acne as one of the main symptoms, I was beyond thrilled. But the last 6 months -year I have had persistent jawline/neck acne.

Last month I went off Metformin to see how my hormones would regulate and so far so good! Except the acne. I would love to stay off Met. I have been trying treat naturally. I added in some herbal supplements for my hormones ( goat's rue & DIM) and have also done brewers yeast, fermented cod liver/high vitamin oil, probiotics. I also added kelp for the iodine.

Today I am starting the 21 day Sugar Detox.... Which cuts out dairy too. Butter is still ok. I am sure it will help me overall. I hope it helps the acne.

Right now the acne is only on my neck over the lymph nodes.

Does anyone have any insights or suggestions. I love how my body has been transforming...now I just need my skin to cooperate.