She has been eating lara bars, veggie straws (um, yeah, not actually a veggie and not paleo) and mangos for breakfast with some raw milk. And she acts terrible in the mornings. Maybe related? So, she has been informed that she can now eat only eggs or a fruit smoothie (relatively low sugar compared to mango/lara bar!) for breakfast. Ensue weeping and nashing of teeth. Oh well. She'll have to learn to love them or starve.

Lunch is always deli meat from Whole Foods with some sliced oranges, cherry tomatos, and/or broccoli.

Dinner is plain, whole milk yogurt or some chicken and cheese. Maybe some olives or cherry tomatoes.

Okay, that is literally all the paleo food that she will eat. Seriously.

She wants macaroni and cheese, peanutbutter and jelly, fried rice, pasta, goldfish, candy...etc....She would like to eat dairy and carbs constantly.

I am sick of the crying and whining and general poor behavior. I want her to grow up loving vegetables (like I do!). I know people say that their kids ate what they ate for dinner... But we eat things like curries and elaborate BAS's and she will not touch them for anything.

I work full-time and I cannot figure this out! It's a source of huge stress for me.