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Thread: Is coffee ruining my fasting

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    Is coffee ruining my fasting

    Just started IF for 16 hours 4 or 5 days ago. I've been continuing to have a couple of cups of coffee with a little cream or an ounce of almond milk. Will that break the fast? Am I wasting my time fasting if I continue to drink my coffee in the AM

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    No not really. The almond milk yes because it has carbs. Try coconut oil in the coffee, it's good.

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    coffee won't, but adding something with calories basically does. by definition.

    if you're interested in maintaining autophagy, then sticking to fat without protein or carbs will still work during a fast. if you're interested in fasting for body composition, you definitely need to keep the calories very low, but it's probably fine to have the cream in the coffee.

    but a fast is a period without food - calories. and cream or almond milk both have calories, ergo, you consume them = you're not fasting.

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    I think it really depends on what you define a fast as. A lot of people define it as lack of calories for your body to work with, so coffee is fine. A few people define it as a time to let the digestive system/liver rest, in which case coffee would break your fast. Up to your goals.

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    Fasting basically consists of getting the majority of your calories from endogenous, rather than exogenous sources. How do we define "majority"? That depends, but the spectrum would have to run from 51% to the hardliner 100%. I would say a reasonable threshold would be 80% to 90%. For the sake of argument, if your daily maintenance caloric intake is 2000 cal, then you have about 200 calories to play with if you accept that a fast consists of getting 90% of your caloric needs met from endogenous sources. Two ounces of heavy cream would put you at roughly 200 calories. This is heavy cream, mind you, you could have more if you used light cream, and even more if you prefer half and half.

    Bottom line, enjoy your coffee and cream and try not to obsess about it.

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    Drink it black! High-quality black coffee gives me heaps of energy. YMMV, though.

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    My coffee with cream in the morning is what makes IF effortless
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    Thanks all. I'm not doing for any cleansing. My reasons for doing it are: 1. I want to lose that last 3-4 percent body fat and 2. It saves a lot of time to not have to cook until 2 pm.

    I just wanted to make sure that having 100 calories or so wasn't going to set up some metabolic process and drastically affect the fat loss

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    I was curious also. I have read BP dude's views. And I dont care if it is called fasting, so long as I get the results. My BP coffee is what gets me by. I just have one. And when I go for a 24, I will have another for lunch. I am shooting for 48 now, so I was curious to the replies and particularly the explanation of an acceptable range of exogenous calories.

    I have done it long enough now, I could probably make do with just half & half. Tried it once and I survived. I see lots of half&half in my future over the next 2 days since I limit the BP coffee.

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