I had to have a "coaching" session as part of my contract at the gym I belong to. I've been going for 2.5 months, and I've been doing Starting Strength for about 6 weeks.

The trainer I met with yesterday thinks that I should focus exclusively on hypertrophy for fat loss because according to him 1) it builds muscle mass faster, which means that more muscle consumes more calories and 2) interval training for hypertrophy also burns more fat while doing it than strength training. He also recommended periodization. Basically 4 - 6 weeks of hypertrophy first, then 4 - 6 weeks of strength, then a week off. Then repeat. By the way, another trainer at the gym, who has given me some tips on lifting form, also said that I should be doing lighter weights at higher volume. They've both said that what I'm doing isn't bad, but not as effective for fat loss.

This advice contradicts the Starting Strength and Stronglifts communities, which say that all you need to do is strength. Now I'm conflicted. Do I focus on strength (I certainly have some hypertrophy from my strength training) or do I focus on building mass? My primary goal is fat loss, so I don't really care whether I'm a little stronger or have a little bigger muscles.

A lot of people in the paleo and primal communities do SL or SS. Obviously, people have great results with strength training, but would they have had even better results with hypertrophy?

Any thoughts?

By the way, the trainer eats primal, even though he hadn't heard of the name primal or paleo (I'm in Vienna, Austria, so maybe it is called something else here).