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    sprinting on consecutive days

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    If keeping to amount of sprints say 10/20 - 10 rounds 20 seconds would or should this be a doable thing or should I keep it at 1 day.

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    IMO, I say let your body be your guide. If your body doesn't feel tired from sprinting the day before, go for it, but avoid it becoming chronic cardio.

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    Are you sprinting as hard/fast as you can each time? I personally would not want to sprint on consecutive days because it takes a lot out of me and I want to be able to give it 100% each time. Remember that your body gets stronger by recovering from effort, not from the effort itself.

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    When I sprint my legs hurt for days, it's even worse than if I did heavy squat in the gym.
    I honestly do not know how would it be possible to do it on consecutive days.

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    IMO I would do short sprints on the first day (like 50 meters or 5-7 seconds) and do the longer sprints on the seconds day. When I ran track this is what we did to train different energy systems. Just make sure you can recover from the workouts.

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    Done properly, you will not, nor will you in any way want to sprint on consecutive days. Remember that the real benefit of exercise comes while not exercising! Exercise is a means to stimulate a positive response and that's it. The actual response takes place after you have recovered from that stimulus. Doing it again before full recovery has taken place will not yield better results and in a short time will be detrimental. Sprint really hard once a week, twice at the most. It is all that is needed.

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    I don't get very sore from sprinting, so I could conceivably sprint consecutive days. Did Grok? Probably. I'm sure there were days where he had to chase after food or run from being food on consecutive days.

    If you're sore, don't sprint. If you're not sore and you love it, why not? The key is making sure your sprints are actually SPRINTS and not RUNS. If you can carry on the pace for >20-30 seconds, you're running and not sprinting. Admittedly, I can squat 300+ lbs and only weigh 143 lbs, so clearly my legs aren't carrying around much weight so that's probably why I don't get sore, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask. I've actually sprinted a few hours AFTER very heavy squats because I reall had the urge. Yea, I was sore as hell for 3 days. Bad idea.
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    I'm always FUCKED the day after sprints, I need at least 2 full days before I can go out again. However, I have never done more than 2 sprint sessions a week, so it's possible I just haven't built up the conditioning to do it more often.

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    I just moved to crossfit football a couple of weeks ago after months of reconditioning with bodyweight and fundamental lifts.
    Legs were sore as hell as the sprints and heavy are oft built into the same workouts and this week I had two cons equities sprint days already(mon and tues) today is a rest day and although mildly sore I increased my food intake and my energy level is great. If you are in a fat loss mode the consequtive sprint days can be tough for your energy systems to cope and cause a catabolic reaction. Marks PBf program is well laid out for the energy available on the primal diet for fat loss. Exceed that and something has got to give.
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