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    Primal Journal - ICZ

    Hello all,
    A brief intro - I've been enjoying reading everyone else's journals for a while now, and thought I'd chime in. I am almost 2 weeks into eating Primal, and am finally starting to see the benefits. I did feel awfully weird the first week or so -- lightheaded and a little anxious. I am starting to settle in and adjust to eating more meat and enjoying the fact that I don't get hungry as much (although I do seem to need to eat more than many of the people posting.) I have lost about 3 pounds so far.

    I am a 43 year old food writer, (yes, you read that right), writing instructor, and soccer coach. (Don't call me a soccer mom!) I have struggled with my weight since childhood, and have been obese in the past. I have gotten down to being just overweight by a lot of exercise and some healthy eating and calorie restriction. I have to say that I haven't eaten the SAD since college, where I did a stint as a vegetarian, and then worked into eating some lean meat again with whole grains. So, giving up grains and sugar is what I have focused on in the past few weeks. I don't really crave bread/grains, but I miss the convenience.

    So, today isn't really representative of what I've been eating, but here goes:
    B- Coconut milk/mango/blueberry smoothie w/ protein powder

    S - handful of almonds, handful of macadamias (not at same time)

    L - tuna salad in a lettuce wrap

    S2 - Lara bar

    D - tofu, grilled veggies, olive oil, eggplant/ancho chili sauce, goat cheese, square of 85% chocolate
    S- Grilled veggies w/goat cheese.

    So I can see that nuts are a bit heavy here, and I think the chocolate has set me up for some post-dinner hunger. I am learning!

    The only negative right now is that I have an eye twitch that has come back. I am going to look into some magnesium to help. Also, I haven't exercised this week because I am babying a knee that is a little sore from soccer practice.

    I have found some nice, and some really snarky, people here on the boards. Sometimes if you don't drink the Primal Koolaid (the way other people see it) then some get nasty and defensive. So, we'll see if the good outweighs the bad.
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