I'm a new member here and have been living Primal for just over a month. I absolutely love it and want to adhere to the lifestyle indefinitely.

My husband and I will be spending 3 months working/volunteering in the remote Belizean jungle this fall, and I'm hoping to be able to stay Primal there. I know typical fare in Belize is heavy on rice and beans, which I definitely want to avoid, and I'm not too worried about that since I'm sure there will be fruits and veggies I can eat instead. However, I'm not sure how much meat will be available each day, as our host family will be providing all meals.

I think eggs will be readily available, so I'm looking for advice on whether eggs can/should be substituted for meats if I can't get access to them. I feel that this could be an easy solution that would allow me to get the protein/fat I need without coming across as ungrateful or demanding by requiring meat. Although it certainly wouldn't be ideal, is there any reason not to consume so many eggs? Alternatively, I could purchase extra meat in the nearest town, but money will be tight since we won't be getting paid (instead, we'll be compensated in room/board and meals). Also, in that scenario I'd feel rude not purchasing enough meat for everyone.

I don't want to compromise my lifestyle choices, but also don't want to be perceived as a snob, asking our hosts to go to great lengths and expense to accommodate my preferences. Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated!