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Thread: How to fatten up my children?!?

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    How to fatten up my children?!?

    We've been pretty strictly primal at home now for over a year. Kids are 3 and 6. They are both extremely skinny for their age and as I was watching my 3 year old in the pool today I realized that my once chunky toddler has skeletal looking arms - it was kind of disturbing just how little there was to them. 3 year old is about 29 lbs, 6 year old is 38 lbs.

    They eat rice/potatoes at least once a day. Lots of fruit and veggies. Meat at least 2 meals/day. I do low sugar/high fat primal baking that the kids eatonce in awhile. B'fast is usually coconut flour/almond butter pancakes made with lots of eggs (they OD'd on eggs and won't eat them plain more than once or twice a month now). The 3 year old drinks about 1 cup of whole milk/day. Snacks are cheese, pepperoni sticks, sometimes hard boiled eggs, nuts, fruit, raw veggies, popsicles (coconut milk with either dark chocolate or berries), or primal muffins or cookies. Veggies are usually pan fried in lard. When we have ribs/pork hocks the 3 year old has been known to eat big hunks of fat.

    I don't think adding more fat to their diet is needed - they get PLENTY. They are quite active. I'm guessing more carbs is what they need? More rice? More potatoes? Neither will eat sweet potatoes. Any other suggestions?

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    I terry with the same dilemma and have since the kids were born.

    My 10yo is 55lbs and my 7yo is 40.

    At this stage of the game, I have to just put my worry pants away,
    and know that if they're eating well, they're probably better off where
    they are now and will be better off later.

    I know I do NOT want to screw up their super fast metabolisms now so they
    have to deal with losing weight way later in life.

    I really, REALLY like to feed things though... so it's all I can do NOT to cram
    stuff down their throats... but, I was the same way as a kid, and really didn't have
    to deal with much dieting until AFTER I had them... so there's that.

    So no help in the fattening up department, but I feel you!


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    What about the coconut milk, raw egg, berry, banana smoothies? Major fat and protein. My kids aren't huge smoothie lovers but once in a while they will have a go at it.

    If your kids are getting nice starchy carbs on a regular basis, I would focus more on overall caloric intake. My two year old has had a nice jump in weight since I primalized her diet. She 's a meat lover!

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    More carbs. More starch, more sugar, more fruit. Honey. Children need a lot my carbohydrate than adults due to needing sugar for cell division (growing). That's why they crave it so much compared to the fully grown.

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    My advice - don't be afraid to give your kids carbs... growing children who run around a lot will benefit greatly from them. Also, I know how I was when I was a kid... I was picky and visual. If you find a healthy thing that they like to eat in bulk, be it buttered chicken breast or potatoes, let em go to town. Any kind of rice, though it has little nutrition, has basically zero anti-nutrition like other cereal grains, so let them eat it to their hearts content. Rice is good because it's a neutral food that can take on just about any flavor or pairing

    Also, let em be kids and have the candy and cupcakes once in a while. occasional sugar slams will not permanently damage their metabolisms. Not even CLOSE. Especially so if they are running around and active. My parents kind of let me have anything I wanted growing up and it turned out for the better with me, because I learned when I was a teenager that I had to eat better to look and feel better, and do better in sports.

    So many kids who's parents are food nazi's end up with a totally dysfunctional relationship to food... eg a haha I'll show them I can eat this now whenever I want. Not saying that's you! Just try not to stress about it too hard. The fact that you are actively questioning how to better feed your kids sets you ahead of most parents out there!

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    More starch - e.g. bananas, roasted sweet potato wedges, roasted white potatoes, white rice.

    Banana and egg pancakes fried in coconut oil or butter with dark chocolate sauce would be a good primal way of fattening them up!

    Also, more dairy, if they can tolerate it - full-fat cheese and milk.
    F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.

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    They do get to eat whatever everyone else is eating when we are away from home - bread, candy, cake, cookeies, etc... They usually get maple syrup on their b'fast pancakes - may try honey next time - they'd LOVE chocolate sauce on their pancakes and I do have an amazing primal hot fudge sauce that they'd go crazy for... We do quite a bit of dairy for snacks just because it is easy and filling.

    The biggest problem with my oldest is that she is the opposite of most kids - she won't eat the same thing more than twice in a row. She'll love something today and then hate it next week. At most I can serve her something once or twice a month otherwise she just won't eat it anymore.

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    My oldest grandson, 8, is skinny as a rail. The doctor told my daughter to feed him more. She laughed and said more??? then she told the doctor that the day before Logan had eaten breakfast, lunch and 2 suppers, one at home and one at the neighbor's and probably some snacks, although my grandsons aren't really snackers. He's just very active.

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    There is no need to 'fatten up' lean kids. If they are eating enough fat they are getting all that they need from their diet. They don't need a layer of fat to live off of in lean times. Its a real challenge to 'fatten' a lean person who's eating optimally, because their body is processing the food optimally. You can fatten them up with slurpees, oreos and doritos but I dont think that's your intention.

    Are they bright, attentive, robust and active? Do they sleep well? Are they socially well adjusted? To me, these mean so much more than body weight v. height ratios.

    My kids are lean. Born lean, stayed lean. Hubby was always lean and wiry. I was lean as a kid. (until I started eating for emotional reasons as a child. thats a whole other story). I haven't transitioned them to completely to primal except for removing as much soy and industrial seed oils from the house as possible, and stocking the freezer with wild game and grassfed beef. We've always eaten mostly home cooked meals.

    Prepare their foods with as much fat as you can. Offer them as many clean proteins as always, up the full fat dairy, and don't limit their intake of clean starchy carbs and fruit with their meals.
    *My obligatory intro

    There are no cheat days. There are days when you eat primal and days you don't. As soon as you label a day a cheat day, you're on a diet. Don't be on a diet. ~~ Fernaldo


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    Yes, nothing wrong with kids being lean. My son was a stick growing up. My stepson would visit us in the summer. He would get off the plane pallid, chunky, and constipated. All he did at his mom's house was watch tv and play video games. I don't think he ate badly there, just got no activity. He would spend the first few days at our house in the bathroom. I swear! Anyway, playing, fresh air and sunshine, and he would lean out every summer.

    Your kids' diet sounds great! I wish I had known about Primal when my kids were small.


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