Basically I need to lose around two stone in weight. I have stopped eating grains from last Tuesday and have been tracking my calories on an internet site. The site recomends 1200 per day for steady weight loss. Is it possible to lose weight if I eat under on some days but over on one? I ask this because I weighed the other day and had lost nearly 5lb but then went out for a meal on Saturday, had monk fish with salad and some pots, but did drink a bottle of wine and had a dessert. I weighed today and put on 3lb. My diet is usually just under the 1200cals a day. I eat mostly fish and salads, I have been staying away from pots and fruit just while I am trying to lose weight.Also I am quite weak as I have fibromyalgia, half a thyroid (taking supplements) and not used to excersise.