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Thread: Newbie Question

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    Newbie Question

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    What are some of the differences between the primal diet & paleo diet?
    ps loving primal life so far.

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    Paleo doesn't allow dairy and doesn't have the 80/20 rule.
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    there's no real answer here, as there's no one paleo diet. primal, as far as i know, is basically a concept that mark created, so the primal diet is... whatever he says it is!

    i think the basic answer you're looking for is that primal allowes dairy, and is probably explicitly lower carb than paleo, which is less concerned with macro breakdown.

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    Mark already answered your question 4 years ago!

    What’s the Difference Between Primal and Paleo? | Mark's Daily Apple

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    Except Loren Cordain no longer thinks saturated fats are bad for us, he has softened his views against sat fat. As was said above, paleo is generally more of an avoidance of dairy and primal is a little more allowing of food items. That said Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson both believe each of us needs to do our own self experimentation. First eat clean and take note of the results, then, if you want, add back those things you must have (dairy, safer starches, etc) and note how YOUR body reacts. We all are different.
    Primal/Paleo is not for everyone, it's for those who have committed to understand.
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