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Thread: I had liver the other night. It wasn't as offal as I imagined.

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    I had liver the other night. It wasn't as offal as I imagined.

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    After a good seven, eight months on the paleo diet, I finally decided to grow a nutsack and try some organ meat. I had been using eggs as my nutritional gap filler for a while, but I cut those out this past month, and I've never really been a vegetable lover, so I decided to take the plunge. I had been thinking of using chicken livers as gateway offal, as I've heard the flavor is more mild, but I figured the beef liver couldn't have been that bad...

    And it wasn't! I don't know how you all do it, but my dad made them with onions. He and my grandmother were discussing how she made them in the past, rolled in flour and fried in half shortening and half canola oil (WTF?!). That turned me off initially, but the flour ended up being pretty negligible and he used olive oil instead, thank Christ.

    I don't know how much of the flavor was destroyed by the onions and the flour, but it really wasn't bad. First bite, it tasted like an overcooked steak, and as the bites went on the meat dissolved in my mouth and formed a mush. I've never experienced such a thing while eating meat. The closest thing I could compare it to is the mouth feel of a saltine. I was eating a meat cracker. I didn't mind it so much, but my wife had a bite and, after a good amount of ass-clenching and eye-watering, she finally got it down. I don't think she likes meat crackers.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd share that experience for anyone who's curious but afraid to try beef liver. It's also worth noting that I felt fantastic the rest of the night and half of the next day.
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    Congratulations) I love liver - when I was little my gran used to make amazing liver pate filled pancakes. From pigs liver, as we mostly had pigs on our farm. Proper comfort food. No pancakes for me now but liver pate is still a hit! I made one two weeks ago (recipe from Mark's blog) and ate a kilo of it over the week
    I cook liver in butter with onions, garlic and herbs. Sometimes, if I fancy something spicier, I add a spoonful of Cajun seasoning - it's beautiful! So what's next on the offal meny then?

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    I had the same experience, I liked the taste but the meat cracker feel, as you call it, was more than I could handle.
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    Liver onions and eggs all cooked in the same pan but not mixed together, no flour coating. Yum yum. I like the creamy texture. I like it when I undercook the liver just a little bit, too. I ordered a couple pounds of liver, beef heart, liverwurst, tallow and pemmican from US Wellness meats. It might come today. Liverishious!
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    haha. Love the description of your wife's experience. We were fed liver as kids and I could not stand it. But, tastebuds change when you get older. So everyonce and a while I'll try something I hated as a child. Although I haven't gone out and fried up a big beef liver, I did try pate about 5yrs ago. Yup, pretty much had to choke it down with a bunch of crackers and then a litre of water. :P

    I'm not curious yet to try it again. I need get something like, parsnips, down first. Never EVER liked them but, I don't remember their taste/texture being as vile as liver so it's worth a shot.

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    I started eating liver a few months ago. I get chicken livers from the local natural-foods store. I cook up a whole bunch of bacon, then cook onions in the bacon grease and finally cook the sliced liver in the onion/bacon mixture. I cook it very briefly, so it's still kinda red inside. The first time I ate it, my reaction was like your wife's. But it didn't taste bad! It was more of a mental thing - just the idea that I was eating liver grossed me out. But it really did taste good (ok, it's probably the bacon and onions, but whatever). So now I have it a couple of times a month and don't have trouble eating it anymore.

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    Lamb liver, if you can find it, has a milder flavor than beef liver and can be a way to get past the "eww ickk" mental stage.

    Also pate as mentioned above. I make a batch and put in little tupperware cups and then have one for breakfast if I don't feel like cooking (can also be a good take to work item).

    My pate recipe seems to keep getting better the more simplified it becomes. The last batch I made was this:
    Three lbs beef liver cooked in 7oz kerrygold butter. Add garlic, basil, oregano, pepper, and salt and just a splash of sherry (optional). Then blend cooked liver with a hand blender adding 4oz heavy cream along the way. Put in tupper and fridge.

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    I had liver last night, sauteed in my cast iron with cabbage and mushrooms, on a couple tablespoons of butter. So dang good. I had a big mug of bone broth to drink with it, as well.

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    I will say that the flavor wasn't bad. But before I ate it, he described what was happening in his mouth and it just turned me off. My ass didn't clench, but I did almost throw up.

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    In the past few months I've tried beef heart, liver, and kidneys. In each case I've fried 'em in butter with regular ground beef, onions, sliced mushrooms, and an egg or four. The heart and the liver have been the tastiest, though they were all delicious. The liver wins for ease of preparation. With the heart I had to hack the soft tissue off the hard fat (which apparently you don't want to eat) and I'm too lazy to do that too often.

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