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Thread: Body brushing?

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    Body brushing?

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    Bit of a random question, but I was just poking through my newspaper's "health" and lifestyle section, and came across an article on 'dry body brushing'.

    I'm sure you've all heard the spiel (ladies especially): before a shower, brush up your limbs and toward your heart with a natural bristle brush. This will improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, and remove cellulite.

    I'm wondering what the MDA tribe thinks of this - another piece of CW nonsense, or might there be some sense in it?

    A quick google finds lots of people claiming it works, but they're all pretty light on any science that might be behind it.


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    Better spend the time before a shower doing a quick sprint, up and down the stairs, that's more likely to improve circulation and get rid of celulite, but if you like rubbing yourself down with a bristle brush then I can't see it will hurt, unless you use a yard brush
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    I don't think that really falls into the CW category, as it isn't really "common".

    I don't see how it could hurt. If anything you're giving your skin some good exfoliation

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    If you search on the forum for this, it's been discussed before (even recently, I'm pretty sure). There are more than a few people who do this regularly and have at least had aesthetic improvements.
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    I do this with my semi-autistic son (just barely on the spectrum) because he has sensory and stimulus needs that this helps with. It is one of the trucks we use when he needs to calm down and refocus his energy.
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