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Thread: Just another "tell me why I'm not losing weight" thread

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    Just another "tell me why I'm not losing weight" thread

    Howdy. I've been primal fully (probably 90% of the time) for the last 2.5 months. In the last 3 weeks I have stopped losing, and may have actually gain weight (lol).

    I exercise 2-4 times a week, usually 30-50mins of cardio @ 70% max heart rate (approx), and do weights probably once a week.

    I try to keep my carbs below 50g at least Mon-Fri, I'm a bit more relaxed on the weekend when socialising.

    I drink at least 2L of water at least 6 days a week, occasionally I slip up and don't quite make it there.

    My basal metabolic rate is 1920 calories.... I don't think I've eaten that many calories on an ongoing basis, ever. I know it's supposed to be bad to eat less than your BMR... but if I did eat at my calculated BMR, I honestly think I'd just gain. BMR calculators obviously aren't super accurate and I think I maybe just have a low BMR... I seem to need very few calories to maintain my weight. My natural weight was around 67kg (147lb) before I became overweight, I sat there easily and didn't pay much attention to my diet. I would've been eating around 1400cals a day at that weight, which I imagine would've been around my BMR. (Why did my BMR calculation work then, but it doesn't now? If 1920 was my BMR now I should be losing much much more). I gained all my weight while on SSRIs... I'm definitely insulin resistant, and I'm pre-diabetic.

    My typical day is no breakfast, a BAS for lunch (100g-150g/3.5 - 5oz meat), and the same-ish meat serving size for dinner with more veges, usually broccoli or something, and often an omelet. I cook in coconut oil. When I snack, it's usually a berry smoothie, or nuts, or high coca chocolate. Sometimes my day is weird (like I have to get up really early) and I have to have breakfast, in which case I'll have 2 fried eggs or an omelet or a berry smoothie or something.

    Dairy: Cheese sometimes (parmesan or haloumi, high quality), probiotic yoghurt (I'm on antibiotics)
    Meats: Steak (rib eye, sirloin, scotch), chicken breast, salmon, hoki, trevally, snapper, prawns, tuna, bacon (streaky & middle)
    Veges: Lettuce, spinach, capers, tomato, red onion, capsicum (bell pepper?), broccoli, spring onion, avocado
    Fruit: Feijoas, berries, passionfruit, occasional banana
    Nuts & seeds: All of them, but try to limit them to around 60g a week max
    Cook in: Butter, coconut oil
    Drinks: Water, green tea, occasional tonic water (nothing else, I swear. No milk, coffee, soda or anything)
    Supplements: Fish oil x2 (EPA/DHA 300mg), magnesium 500mg, MSM, biotin. Currently on doxycycline.

    I don't keep track of things all the time, I don't want food to dominate my life, but since my losses have stopped I've started paying a bit more attention. My calorie ratio is usually around 50-70 (fat): 10-20 (carbs): 20-40 (protein)

    I'm really happy with my losses so far and I'm not complaining! But how long do I sit at this weight before it's a real issue? I'd obviously rather keep losing, time is money people! Lol. I have a lot of weight to lose as well so I feel like it should be coming off faster since I am so overweight?

    Anyway, any opinions, please weigh in (lol). Do I need to be stricter and keep carbs under 50g every single day? Do I need to stop snacking (sometimes I just love some nuts or dark choc )? Do I need to exercise more?

    I am beginning to suspect my thyroid, as it just seems weird. Fatigue is also a bit of an issue (has been ever since I gained weight in the first place) and my hair is thinning. What should I ask them to check about my thyroid, if I do go in for a blood test? I've had it checked before and they said it was fine....

    Also, should I go on metformin? I have blood sugar-related issues like rashes etc that I really want to get rid of. I'm sure once I lose weight and fix my insulin resistance these issues will resolve but right now it's really unpleasant. Is it ok to go on metformin until I lose weight, and then stop, or should I just not go on it at all and wait until I've lost weight for those symptoms to ease? Does metformin have any long term implications I need to be aware of? Will I become dependent on it?
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