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Thread: Hello All

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    Hello All

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    Hi this is Mirwalk, How are all of you doing?
    Been trying to become fully primal for about 60 days I think. Reduced the amount I eat and have been getting better energy then I remember having in a long time. I have only lost 10 pounds or so in the time I have been on the diet. I struggle with going on binges during the weekends. Ice cream, cookies, pizza, whatever.

    I work as a tech support person in a call center. Probably one of the worst long term health environments short of a coal mine. Sitting all day, everyone brings snacks and soda... Ugh, I have had to stop bringing any cash with me to work or it goes into the vending machine. Get home mentally wiped and find it hard to push myself into a workout routine. Been trying to move my workouts to the morning so I do it before I get to work.

    Besides the binges, is there an issue with too much fruit? I eat a lot of meat, but not as big on vegetables as I should be. Usually get 1 to 2 pieces of fruit a day. Usually apples or bananas. Should I be cutting back?

    I also have been trying to wait till I am hungry to eat. Usually at work if I am hungry then lunch is about 1/2 cup of almonds. Is this too much to be having on a regular basis?

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    Welcome. For me it would be very hard to stick to primal with that job. Congratulations on doing as well as you are.

    One or two apples or bananas/day should be fine. More veg would be good, although you don't have to eat a ton.

    I think 1/2 cup of almonds should be ok, especially if that's the only nuts you normally eat.

    Good luck with primal.
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