So I have decided to start a new journal mostly because the spelling error in my last one was driving me crazy. Also the new journal is because I am taking a new approach in my primal life. I am not looking at scales or really weighing myself just going off how I feel. To start with I did the 21 day challenge and had pretty good results. I lost 15.5 pounds in that time. I then went about half way back to how I used to eat and started to feel much more sluggish and less energized. Then I got a new job at a military academy and moved onto the campus. This brought a new problem because I had no way to cook in the provided apartment. I have been able to get myself a toaster oven as well as an electric burner. I would say the number one thing that brought me down after the 21 day challenge was that I still looked at it like a diet. This time my mindset is more on how I feel great I know I am slimming down and I have started to pay a lot more attention to what I am actually eating. I am really just learning to cook so most of my meals are pretty simple. Usually some type of meat and more fresh veggies than meat. This has worked well so far and I am sure I will try new thing as soon as I can in my limited kitchen. One thing that has change is I no longer have the goal to join the national guard. I have decided it is more important to go back to school and finish my degree. My goals now are to continue to enjoy learning to cook as well as understanding the effects of what I am eating, Still would like to get under 200lbs but really just want to get to a slimmer healthier look. To play more and get my friends to get out more and do the same. I am sure there will be more to come to mind just not right now