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Thread: Nutritional Yeast

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    Nutritional Yeast

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    This is something I ate back in my veggie/vegan years. damn tasty. I am trying to steer clear of cheese again, as it hates me. Mark says it's primal. anyone here use it regularly?

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    I use it on things that would tasted good with cheese. (Cheese hates me too.) It is definitely an acquired taste though.

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    This one always confuses me a little. i like nutritional yeast, i used it periodically, but I can never tell if it gives me digestive problems or if my seemingly random abdominal pain is due to something else (like the tomato sauce) I'm eating with the noochy. So I tend to drop it for a while and come back, never really knowing how healthy it is (I think I tried looking it up on places like paleohacks and couldn't find too much, so it's reassuring to hear it gets the primal seal of approval from Mark.)

    I sometimes wonder if it's a beneficial thing to be consuming in terms of feeding the appropriate gut flora, but I like the stuff.

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