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Thread: Primal/paleo chicken liver recipes?

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    Primal/paleo chicken liver recipes?

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    I'm not very big on the classic liver and onions recipes. Does anyone have some tasty recipes that utilize chicken liver? Thanks!

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    I make a tshi from chicken innards (livers, gizzards, hearts). Basically, brown the chicken innards; remove. Brown onions, carrots, celery in the same pot with some ground coriander, fennel and peppers, red flakes, black (or whatever spices you like with your chicken). Top up with boiling water, scrubbing the bottom. Add chicken innards back, and add chopped cabbage. Simmer until cabbage is tender. Serve with a dollop of sour cream, parsley and dill.

    If you eat potato, the same basic recipe turns into a potato soup, with potatoes replacing cabbage. I bet sweet potatoes will work as well. Mushing some of the veggies will make a creamier version of the soup.
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